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DOL Air Brake Motor Starter

Motor Protection Starts with a Starter that Has all the Features that Guarantee Reliability .these Features are Built Into Paragon’s Pe-1 the Most Wanted Starter in India Today.
The Contactor in the Pe-1 Starter is Designed for Exceptional Endurance. the Coil is Tropicalised and Subjected to Rigorous Tests for Continuity, Pick-up and Drop-off .it also Acts as Under voltage Release Disconnecting the Supply to Motor When Voltage is Low.each Starter or Contactor Can Be Fitted with Two Auxiliary Contact Blocks of 1no+1nc Each for Indicating Lamps,Sequence Interlocks and other Pilot Circuits.


Thermal Overload Relay
The Thermal Overload Relay in a Motor Starter Protects the Motor Against  Overloads and Resulting Burn outs .the Pe-1 Relay Can Be Manually Reset By Just Pressing the Stop Button. the Relays are Ambient Temperature Compensated for Operation Between Degree ’c and 60 Degree C.
You Can Select from a Wide Range of Relays with Easily Adjustable Current Settings. all Overload Relay are Individually Tested On An Automated Test Bench to Ensure Full proof Operation.
Push Button
The ‘start-stop’push Buttons are Designed for Convenient Operation. the Stop Push Can Be Latched in the Off Position to Prevent Accidental Starting.

  • PE 1 Master DOL Air Brake Motor Starter

  • Kissan - DOL Air Brake Motor Starter

  • PEHD Dol Air Brake Motor Starter

  • PE1 Master Dol Air Brake Motor Starter with Connector

  • Kissan Connector DOL Air Brake Motor Starter

  • PEHD Connector DOL Air Brake Motor Starter

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