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3 Phase Submersible Pump Control Panel (PCP 1)

Features of PCP-1 Three Phase Panel for Submersible Pumps :

  • It protects the motor from single phasing.
  • It protects and guards the motor from over loading with its most accurate Thermal bimetallic over load relay.
  • It also protects the submersible pump set motor by tripping instantly when the Water level decreases below the two dry run probe points.
  • It is provided with an amps meter to read the exact current drawn by the motor and an volt meter with a push-to-on button.
  • It is also provided with three individual phase indication neon lamps to make the user know which one of these phases have failed.
  • A separate auto start can also be provided on demand, which is capable of restarting the panel automatically once the power in all the three phases resumes back.

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